A user alerted me of a bug with the tectonic plate visualization layer, in which ugly black stripes were showing up. Upon inspection, it turns out that it was due to some angle values becoming excessively large, but only on some maps and not others. Clamping them to a maximum reasonable value got rid of the black stripes.

The fix has been uploaded and is available in version 0.2.1, available now.


Comment by Michael Jones — 2015/09/04 @ 16:20


Seems that this new version crashes as soon as I try to load one of the pre-configured generators.

Perhaps my graphics card is too old now? I’m using an Nvidia GTX 280. Pretty ancient.

Comment by Andy Gainey2015/09/05 @ 00:56

@Michael, indeed, the specs on nVidia’s website do list that card as supporting OpenGL 2.1, while the current graphical features require 3.0 or higher. However, I would have expected the program to tell you up front that your version of OpenGL is insufficient, rather than crashing when opening a file. And Wikipedia lists the card as supporting OpenGL 3.3 anyway (might have been added in a driver update after the card’s initial release).

So I’m not entirely sure the crash is due to the OpenGL version. I have tried to extensively guard against crashing due to OpenGL-related issues, but there’s always something I missed. :-/ Before my next release, I’ll make sure to scan through all my graphics code and do my best to verify that I’m not making assumptions that could lead to a crash. I’ll also see what I can found about the specific OpenGL extensions that your card supports and compare that with the few extensions that I use.

Comment by Michael Jones — 2015/09/06 @ 18:12

I’d be happy to try out any test versions you want to send my way.

I’ve been having some weird issues on my Windows machine, random crashes in games that are abnormal. I’m planning to get a new card anyway. Probably a fresh windows install, or a new gfx card, will do the trick.

Comment by https://www.punpro.com/ — 2021/08/16 @ 02:10

I have tried to extensively guard against crashing due to OpenGL-related issues

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