Celestial Objects:  Star, Hyperlane, Planet

Star, Hyperlane (i.e., wormhole), Planet

After recovering from Ludum Dare, I resumed work on my 4X space strategy prototypes.  In particular, I wanted to rework the interface before continuing with mechanics, switching to a two-panel layout, with an overall galaxy map in one panel, and then a details panel for whatever object is selected in the galaxy map.  I also chose to have some fun with higher quality graphics, using some of the knowledge I gained during Ludum Dare, and made with the assistance of POV-Ray.  Prototype #3 was the result. (more…)

turn-based space strategy prototype:  screenshot

Hard-coded universe. The red faction can no longer see the Beta star system.

I was finally able to get the (first) rewrite of the space strategy prototype to a presentable stage.  Which currently just means that you can give movement orders, end your turn, find out what you discovered, and continue doing so to your heart’s content.  (Your heart will become contented very quickly, I have no doubt. It’s a tiny galaxy.)

You can take it for a spin here.  Legend and controls are listed below the game viewport. (more…)