U+2603:  Snowman Symbol

U+2603: The theme for LD31?

Only three hours remaining until the theme for Ludum Dare 31 is announced. I’m gonna have a go at it again, preferably with far more success than Ludum Dare 30. I’ve been in a rather good mental state this past week, and am well rested, so I’m optimistic. And the possibility that the Unicode Snowman will be the chosen theme doesn’t scare me. Not that I have any idea for what I’d make for that theme or any other. I’m fully in the just-wing-it mode of thinking for this one. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m assisted this time by Jeremy Breau of Antithesis Design. The media assets he’ll be creating will no doubt be far better than any weak vector art I would throw together, and having a partner with whom to share the design efforts is always rad.

Meanwhile, the very encouraging interest from Hacker News and reddit this past week, along with a very insightful business suggestion from a friend, has me reconsidering my plans regarding my planet generator. There is a significant possibility that I will be taking the tech demo and turning it into a polished product for worldbuilders to utilize, whether for authors writing sci-fi/fantasy fiction, for GMs of table-top RPGs, or just for those who enjoy the sheer fun of worldbuilding.

I am not sure about the scope yet, but I want to keep it reasonably focused: Generating intriguing planets with plenty of potential for character, and making the data available for use in other programs or in physical formats. Extended features might include the ability to manually influence specific regions of the planet at various stages of the procedural generation, choose a map rendering style, and add annotations of various forms to grant more power to the worldbuilders and mapmakers.

Watch for more news later this month, as I determine my concrete plans!


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