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Artist Mockup

Artist mockup. Alas, my “game engine”, if you can call it that, isn’t yet up to the task of fully reproducing this.

Our entry for Ludum Dare #28 reached a proper playable state today, and I’ve had the chance to integrate graphics from Joshua.  Gone is my functional but primitive stick figure.  Say hello to Mr. Blue Hair and Magenta Undies!

This is the ninth version so far.  All versions have been preserved, and can be viewed on my Ludum Dare #28 page.

To jump directly to version #9, click here.  (I need to add a loading screen; it takes a few seconds.)

This latest version includes a tutorial level that introduces the player to each of the notable mechanics in the game one at a time, and more or less forces the use of our world-inversion mechanic that fulfills the Ludum Dare theme of something for which “you only get one”.  The second level is identical to the first, but without the tutorial messages, just for the sake of verifying that multiples function properly.

You can try a level as many times as necessary; there is no permadeath forcing you to start back at level 1.  But the game keeps track of how long it took you to get through all of the levels, and that can be used as a basis of performance comparison.  Each time you die, you’re essentially extending how long it takes to beat the game.  The best score will generally be achieved by never dying at all.

A few more items remain before submission tomorrow.  Most notably, we intend to make the character’s gun functional, possibly with an addition Ludum Dare mechanic of only having one bullet.  I’d like also to integrate some sound effects.  And adding some further visual spice to the world would be nice, things like terrain props, parallax background, and basic animations.  And of course I need more than just a tutorial level to make it feel like a full game.  That alone could eat up a fair amount of time!  We’ll find out how far Joshua and I can get in the next 22.5 hours.

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