Ludum Dare Entry, Final Version Screenshot

Stay back, robo-fiend!

Ludum Dare #28 has concluded, and our official version has been completed.  You can head over to the Ludum Dare entry page to rate it.  I didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but the important stuff made it in.  Hearts, a gun, sound effects, music, a loading screen, and a couple more levels.

The music takes up a bit of space, so for convenience, this game comes in three variants:

As before, if you want to get a second of development progress during the course of the game jam, all earlier versions can be viewed here.

Big thanks goes to Joshua Skelton for providing most of the art and all of the artistic vision.  My stick figures were way too bland.

Thanks also to Josh Grondski, both for serving as an ideas collaborator and for assisting with level design.

I would also like to note that CreateJS has been a fabulous tool to use.  I was initially only using EaselJS, but it was a breeze to throw PreloadJS and SoundJS into the mix, to great effect.

The sound generator sfxr, originally made specifically for a past Ludum Dare, also came in handy at the last moment, when I realized I didn’t have time to try to record my own sounds.

Now my brain feels wasted and in need of a break, but this has been a great experience.  I am definitely looking forward to doing it again!


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