About Experilous

Experilous is a software development company, focused on games and game-related tools. We seek to create game play experiences that connect with a player's inner engineer, artist, executive, and scientist.

The Engineer

Building stuff is fun. Building stuff that does other stuff is even greater fun. We seek to embrace player creation, placing this activity at the heart of game mechanic design. In some way or another, our games will generally be about building something, whether that is a city, a colony, an empire, or a fortress. Extending this notion further, full modding capabilities are included among the top priorities. A vibrant community of skilled content creators is an awesome thing, and we want to provide the context and the platform to enable such a community to its fullest.

The Artist

Just as the construction of functionality can be fun, the creation of beauty can be immensely rewarding. We want to give our players the tools to realize their imaginations in dynamic virtual worlds, and the opportunities to share those creations with others. We know that our audience has a deep well of potential for creativity, and we hope to inspire such diverse artifacts as impressive cities, colonies, and civilizations, and empires, compelling player-generated narratives, quality in-game content, and fan art.

The Executive

Planning is challenging, but seeing a plan come to fruition when executed can be grand. Our games will provide engaging scenarios and satisfying rewards for successful planning and execution, whether in the more relaxed setting of managing a city or in the more intense setting of wartime strategizing.

The Scientist

Observing complex systems, exploring the worlds that such systems create, and experimenting to find its hidden treasures can be sources of endless enjoyment. Rich simulations will often be a major component of our games, aiming to provoke exploration and experimentation within engaging virtual worlds, and provide a context within which the engineers and executives can work their magic.

About Andy Gainey

Andy Gainey

Andy Gainey is a professional software engineer and an amateur dabbler in many subjects, including philosophy, music (particularly the drums), art, LEGO, and science.

Andy first got into programming at the age of twelve, naturally inspired like so many others by the video games that he had enjoyed for years. After obtaining a computer science degree and some professional engineering experience, he diversified his education with a degree in Philosophy, which has since contributed positively to nearly every part of his life, even if at times the specific benefits may be hard to pin down. He has since acquired a few more valuable years of industry experience as a software engineer, and then architect and team lead, and is now hopeful that he has the experience, skills, and motivation necessary to make the jump to independent game developer.

While he will take on a wide diversity of responsibilities in founding Experilous, Andy's chief role will be that of a game designer. As such, Andy reminds himself frequently that "the designer creates an experience", a notion he obtained from Jesse Schell's excellent book The Art of Game Design, a Book of Lenses. Andy's objective is to provide the game-centric tools that will generate quality experiences for players, not only through game play itself, but through cultivating and engaging with communities hopefully grow around Experilous and the games that it creates.

Discover more about Andy Gainey on his personal website.