Ludum Dare 28: Inversionaut

Ludum Dare: Create a game from scratch in one weekend. Theme: "You only get one."

Just a few days prior to the start of Ludum Dare #28, I was reminded of its existence and decided to give it a try, my first game jam. Joshua Skelton (artist for Delver) and past colleague offered to supply art. We decided to try this as a platformer, where you get a once-per-level ability to swap the behavior of various objects throughout the level. You also only get one bullet, and often have to find the bullet in the level before you can use it.

Ultimately, we only had time for three mostly rushed levels, but frankly it's the closest I've ever gotten to an end-to-end complete game. The artwork from Joshua was great. And the learning experience was valuable. You can read about the develop in the blog posts below, and further down are all thirteen versions of the game as it was developed.

Blog Posts


Inversionaut Final!
2013/12/16 20:59 CST

Final version for submission. Added a vertical level, and my friend Josh Grondski contributed an additional level.

Platformer Prototype #12
2013/12/16 18:29 CST

Variants that don't require loading the music or sound! An arrow to indicate the exit, and the ability to prevent winning below a certain height.

Platformer Prototype #11
2013/12/16 17:50 CST

Sounds! Music! Loading screen! Mute buttons!

Platformer Prototype #10
2013/12/16 01:12 CST

Now we have life hearts, a weapon that fires, and heart/bullet pickups!

Platformer Prototype #9
2013/12/15 19:51 CST

Additional/updated graphics from Joshua.

Platformer Prototype #8
2013/12/15 18:49 CST

New graphics, courtesy Mr. Skelton (even more to come), and a tutorial level.

Platformer Prototype #7
2013/12/15 15:47 CST

Win condition, multiple levels, proper game flow, and a timer to keep track of best performance.

Platformer Prototype #6
2013/12/14 21:58 CST

Enemies and projectiles! The enemies invert along with platforms. The level more properly resets now when you die also.

Platformer Prototype #5
2013/12/14 16:58 CST

Fancier platform mechanics, including speed modifiers and limited standing time.

Platformer Prototype #4
2013/12/14 14:54 CST

ASCII art level specifications, death and respawn, edge detection for scrolling, better foot collision, further tweaked physics.

Platformer Prototype #3
2013/12/14 01:04 CST

Tweaked physics, scrolling, more reliably placed platforms, completely impassable platforms, and tile-based platform rendering.

Platformer Prototype #2
2013/12/13 23:28 CST

Still ugly graphics, but we now having friction, jumping, falling through, and inversion of platform solidity.

Platformer Prototype #1
2013/12/13 22:07 CST

A platformer with ugly graphics, a single platform, no jumping, and very icy mechanics.

Practice/Preparation Prototype
2013/12/13 19:53 CST

Practice in preparation for the game jam. A basic Asteroids-like environment, with some inertial fiddling of the controls to make it friendlier.