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Make It Colorful

Development Discontinued | Documentation | Demos

Requires Unity 5.0.0 or higher.

Make It Colorful is a collection of color types for use in your Unity scripts to extend support to color spaces beyond RGB, with combinations of hue, saturation/chroma, and value/lightness/luma, plus ink-style subtractive components. Make It Colorful supports the following: more...

Make It Tile

Development Discontinued | Documentation | Demos

Make It Tile is a framework for Unity to aid in the creation and usage of game worlds which are divided up into discrete tiles. It is designed to be maximally flexible, applying just as easily to the simple 8x8 game world of chess as to a large hex grid in a strategy game or even an irregular arrangment of tiles on the surface of a sphere. It includes support for: more...



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Create randomly generated planets. Explore their continents, mountain ranges, island chains, and other geographical features. Examine different visual layers representing attributes such as elevation, temperature, and precipitation. View the planets as either a globe or a flat map using your choice of map projection.



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The classic Minesweeper you love, rebuilt for one tap play. Your job : tap to clear the safe tiles. Clear them all to win the round. But be careful! One misstep and BOOM! more...