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Version History
Version 2.0

An update focusing on non-uniform distribution sampling.


  • Added distribution sampling, with initial support for continuous sampling from the following:
    • uniform distribution
    • triangular distribution
    • trapezoidal distribution
    • linear distribution
    • Hermite spline distribution
    • normal distribution
    • exponential distribution
    • piecewise uniform distribution
    • piecewise linear distribution
    • piecewise Hermite spline distribution
  • Added some common color categories for generating random colors, such as bold, pastel, somber, warm, and cool.

Breaking Changes

Bug Fixes

  • Control flow in RandomGeometry.Rotation() tweaked so that the updated compiler in Unity 5.5 will not complain about an unset out parameter.
  • Fixed the version 0.1 backward-compatible code path for seeding XorShift128Plus so that it works in both the Complete and Basic edition by not depending on the existence of SplitMix64.
  • Corrected the version 0.1 backward-compatible code path for RandomGeometry.UnitVector2() to do the proper math instead of calling itself repeatedly and cause a stack overflow.

General Fixes



Version 1.0