Ludum Dare Entry, Final Version Screenshot

Stay back, robo-fiend!

Ludum Dare #28 has concluded, and our official version has been completed.  You can head over to the Ludum Dare entry page to rate it.  I didn’t get as far as I would have liked, but the important stuff made it in.  Hearts, a gun, sound effects, music, a loading screen, and a couple more levels.

The music takes up a bit of space, so for convenience, this game comes in three variants:

As before, if you want to get a second of development progress during the course of the game jam, all earlier versions can be viewed here. (more…)

Player Image


Artist Mockup

Artist mockup. Alas, my “game engine”, if you can call it that, isn’t yet up to the task of fully reproducing this.

Our entry for Ludum Dare #28 reached a proper playable state today, and I’ve had the chance to integrate graphics from Joshua.  Gone is my functional but primitive stick figure.  Say hello to Mr. Blue Hair and Magenta Undies!

This is the ninth version so far.  All versions have been preserved, and can be viewed on my Ludum Dare #28 page.

To jump directly to version #9, click here.  (I need to add a loading screen; it takes a few seconds.) (more…)

Platformer Screenshot; Stickman Jumping!

Jumping to the left. The arrow through the stomach is painful, but it points the way forward.

Ludum Dare #28 is underway, and so is my entry.  My collaborator Joshua Skelton (@JoshuaSkelly, artist for Delver) is hard at work cooking up a visual theme.  In the meantime, I have a few very ugly early versions available to peek at, as well as a prototype I did earlier in the day as preparation and practice.  Check them and future versions out here.

We’ve decided to do a platformer.  I know it’s been done to death, but I actually have never written one, so I thought it would be a fun exercise.  So far I have gravity, the ability to fall onto and stand on a platform, running left and right, friction on the platform, jumping, manually falling through a platform, and the special mechanic for Ludum Dare’s theme (“you only get one”):  A one-time only ability to invert the behavior of platforms.  Blue platforms behave one way, and red platforms a different way.  Using the invert ability will instantly swap colors and behaviors of all platforms in a level. (more…)