The Artist has been added to the About page, as an additional role for which our games will be designed.  Roles already listed were the engineer, the executive, and the scientist.  Here is the blurb for artists:

Just as the construction of functionality can be fun, the creation of beauty can be immensely rewarding. We want to give our players the tools to realize their imaginations in dynamic virtual worlds, and the opportunities to share those creations with others. We know that our audience has a deep well of potential for creativity, and we hope to inspire such diverse artifacts as impressive cities, colonies, and civilizations, and empires, compelling player-generated narratives, quality in-game content, and fan art.

I was tempted to include a fifth role, The Storyteller, but that’s getting a little excessive.  I chose to integrate that in with artistry.  After all, the creation and presentation of a compelling narrative is indeed a form of art.  (As a side note, this focus on narrative is different from that of most games which treat the player as audience, not as author as I wish to do.)

Tonight marks my moment of officially kicking off a significant new phase in my career, moving from enterprise software engineering to independent game development.  The label for this latest adventure of mine:  Experilous.  Here is my tale of how I chose this name. (more…)