The silence coming out of my work has been rather intense for the last year, hasn’t it? I underestimated the importance of having a clear communication strategy that pays special attention to the most challenging periods. Times of optimistic and active development tend to take care of themselves regarding communication, but not so for those times involving a loss of clarity, direction, and confidence. My sincerest apologies to my customers for hiding in the comfort of my offline world, procrastinating on public communication because of my lack of any comm strategy for the given circumstances.

That said, I do have news to announce, some long delayed and some very recent.

First, I am discontinuing development of two of my products, Make It Tile for Unity, and the standalone Worldbuilder for Windows. In all honesty, development has been stalled for a while as I considered my options and worked on other projects, but I had not yet committed to abandoning these products. Yet I must finally admit to myself that these two projects were dragging down my efforts elsewhere (even just by existing and looming in the back of my mind), nor have they presented much promise of financial viability (the unfortunate pragmatic concerns of entrepreneurial life).

Secondly, I am excited to announce that will soon be starting a programming position at Paradox Development Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Lots of changes involved: a new company, a new country (continent, even, moving from the US), a new industry (well, sub-industry, relative to my prior employment four years ago), and a new language (outside of the office, anyway). It is a great privilege to have this opportunity. I hope that the skills and experience I have acquired over the years will contribute to extending and expanding the enjoyment that Paradox’s audience will extract from their games, and I also expect to learn a great deal more that I do not yet know from my newly inherited Paradox colleagues!

However, due to this career change, I am in the midst of rethinking my plans for my other products and projects. The products that I am currently selling will be taken offline for a while, but may return in some form in the future once my move to Sweden has been completed and life feels moderately stable again. I would especially like to make them available again with some of the updates and ideas that I had been working on earlier this year but never developed to a fully workable state. This includes a radically redesigned and slimmed down topology library, Voronoi stuff, and some miscellaneous additions to random data generation. But it will take the passage of time to determine what the nature of this work will look like and when it might come.