So I had a few errors in my initial v0.2.0 packages. I have corrected these and uploaded the new files. Sorry for any inconvenience!

The first problem was that I embarrassingly left in some debug code that was trying to save image files to a hard-coded path on my local system. Oops.

The second was that I thought I had included all the necessary files for the new Visual Studio 2015 runtime library. Apparently not, and apparently it’s best to just use the redistributable installer from Microsoft. But until I get a proper installer created for Worldbuilder, it’s more convenient for users to not have to go through that process. So I returned to Visual Studio 2013 for this release.


Comment by Aleksey — 2015/08/12 @ 09:25

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Experilous: Bumpy Release, Fixes Uploaded

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Experilous: Bumpy Release, Fixes Uploaded

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Experilous: Bumpy Release, Fixes Uploaded

Comment by zzy29 — 2019/08/20 @ 06:15

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